Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put this off?

Probably not. Once you discovery the hillside is sliding, chances are good it will continue. Might put your house in jeopardy. 

Are hillside stabilization repair companies created equal?

Not at all. Some will take whatever you say your budget is, when really the project costs more. Which means you’ve spent your money, and the problem isn’t fixed. If a company asks for your budget before telling you the cost, run away and don’t look back.

Can I remain in my house during the repair?

Yes! We’ll do our best to minimize the impact.

How long does the process take?

Typically, it can take a few weeks to a few months, depending on project complexity.

Will my hillside move again?

With the proper design from structural engineer, geo tech, and approval from building department, you should not experience hillside movement.  

Do I need a permit for any of this?

YES! Permits are essential. Without a permit, if you do anything to the hillside, you run the risk of being fined. Reputable hillside stabilization company will NOT work without a permit 

Is hillside stabilization repair expensive?

The cost of not repairing your hillside is often much more than the repair costs. 

Will you guys clean up after each day?

Always. We want to make this process as seamless as possible. 

Do you offer payment plans?

We offer finance plans for your repair. Please contact us for details.

Will I need a geo-tech or structural engineer?

Yes, you need both. They are vital to a successful project. We can recommend a trusted Geotech Engineer and Structural Engineer.

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5 Things To Know

BEFORE Starting Your Project

Don’t put yourself at risk. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the laws and regulations you need to pay attention to, which will save you thousands of dollars over your project. Don’t start your project until you have a full understanding of what’s involved.
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