What does foundation repair REALLY cost? What should you consider when fixing your foundation? What should you look for in the company you hire? Here, we’ll break down all your questions.

What does foundation repair / foundation remediation cost? 

It’s one of the first questions we get. The typical cost for a foundation repair costs about the same as a kitchen remodel,  $20,000 – $50,000. Depending on what is going on, the repair costs could be less, and could be more. This is the average cost associated with restoring the structural integrity of your home. 

(If you want an exact quote, you can click here for a free assessment). 

When I Google the cost of foundation repair, I see it costs $2,000 – $7,000. What gives?

You may see articles (like this one) claiming foundation issues can be fixed for an average of $4542. In almost every case, it is impossible to permanently fix your foundation for under $10,000. You may be able to delay the settling with other techniques, but the only way to fix the problem once and for all is with peir piles.

We’ve been in this business for over 25 years, and we’ve only seen it a handful of times. Sadly, there are disreputable companies who will ask for your budget, take your money, and offer an inadequate solution. At Sejant Northwest, integrity is everything. That means we’ll be upfront with you about how much it will cost to repair your foundation. We won’t settle for anything less than doing right by you and your family. 

Why do you call it an investment?

Just like your home is an investment, so too is the foundation of your home. If you neglect the foundation, damage can be done to the home, resulting in lower property value and a lower resale price. When fixed, the value of your home is increased, in addition to giving you peace of mind. 

Why is foundation repair expensive?

Foundation repair involves the structural integrity of your house. In order to insure your house will not move again, we drill into the earth and drive our piles into the bedrock. We use the highest grade steel we can find, and employ the help of both a structural engineer and a Geotech (soil expert). Foundation repair also requires permits from local municipalities. All of these factors add to the cost. Typically, it costs $1,500 per pile we drive. Sejant, The Geotech and structural engineer, all discuss what the ideal number of piles is to make sure your house is staying put.

Does Sejant Northwest offer financing?

Yes, we have partnered with a company that provides loans for home construction projects. You can click here to see the details. Additionally, you can acquire a loan from your bank or credit union.

5 Things To Know

BEFORE Starting Your Project

Don’t put yourself at risk. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the laws and regulations you need to pay attention to, which will save you thousands of dollars over your project. Don’t start your project until you have a full understanding of what’s involved.
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