Foundation Monitoring Plan

What’s Foundation Monitoring? 

When we come out to perform a foundation assessment, it’s a snapshot in time. We can tell you if the foundation has settled, but can’t tell you the rate of settlement or if it’ll settle more in the future. That’s why we’ve created our foundation monitoring plan.

We track, record, and report our findings on a bi-anual basis. Every six months, we’ll come out to your home, take measurements with our ZipLevel, and let you know if your foundation is settling further or staying in place. This will help you make a more informed decision moving forward.

What’s The Cost?

It’s $95 per visit. When you sign up, we create a file in our system to track and monitor changes. Each time we visit, we’ll bring the previous findings with us so we can sit down and show you what our ZipLevel is recording. The more a foundation settles, the more costly it can be to remediate the situation. By monitoring the movement (or lack of movement) you save money and headaches.

How Do I Sign Up?

Click here to contact us and we’ll get your initial assessment scheduled. 

5 Things To Know

BEFORE Starting Your Project

Don’t put yourself at risk. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the laws and regulations you need to pay attention to, which will save you thousands of dollars over your project. Don’t start your project until you have a full understanding of what’s involved.
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