Project: Lake Washington Residence

Problem: Home had settled 3 1/2” on the East side of the downhill slope. The settlement had caused 2 large cracks in the foundation on the North and South sides. Interior floors were noticeably out of level.

Solution: Installed eccentric 2 7/8” push piles along the North, South, and East sides of the daylight basement footing and stem wall per Engineer’s drawings. Lifted home to maximum practical recovery of 3 ½” and patched the cracks on the north and south foundation walls with non-shrink grout.

Challenges: 2 interior doors had been installed during the homes unlevel and unstable state. After maximum practical recovery there were ancillary cracks in sheetrock and the doors did not close properly.

Results: Leveled floors on all three levels, basement, main and top floor. Permanently stabilized the home on a deep steel pier foundation imbedded in load bearing strata. Our “Recovery Team” removed the doors and trim and reinstalled them so they operated properly, and also patched and painted cracks in the sheetrock.

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