Project: Redmond Condo

Problem: Condo unit had settled as much as 1 5/8” on the perimeter of the building and the interior floor slab had settled, opening up to a 1” crack approximately 25’ long. The settled condo unit had been built on fill at the top of a ravine.

Solution: Install 12 ea. 2 7/8” diameter helical piers with 8” and 10” helices, as an eccentric deep pier foundation, under the west and south foundation footings. At 2 of the locations install addition helical piers as horizontal tiebacks to secure the foundation to the top of the ravine. Inject polyurethane foam under slab to raise. Patch floor cracks.

Challenges: Accessibility on the south side (ravine side) of the building was limited to hand-held equipment. The fact that the condo was joined to another unit, which did not show measurable signs of settlement, meant we needed to recover the settled unit to maximum practical recovery without damaging the adjacent unit. Remove and replace concrete patio on ravine side.

Results: Secured condo unit to top of ravine with deep helical pier foundation into load bearing strata. Recovered unit to maximum practical recovery and raised interior floor slab. Patched cracks so flooring could be installed. “Recovery Team” poured and finished new concrete patio. Did not impact adjacent condo.

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