Can You Put Off Foundation Repair?


You’ve noticed there’s a crack in your foundation — your first thought is probably a four letter thought. After that, you’re wondering if you should fix the issue now, or put it off. Can you put it off? Should you?

What Is Foundation Repair?


Simply put, foundation repair is restoring the structural integrity of your home. When homes are built, and foundations are poured, they are built to withstand the weight of the structure. When a foundation is compromised, it means the foundation is no longer supporting the weight of your home. This can lead to signs of foundation failure — sloping floors, bowing walls, cracks in walls, chimneys leaning away from your home, windows that won’t open or close. The reason for this is because the materials your home is built out of aren’t all that strong — if you’ve ever seen a home being built, you’ll notice it’s mostly 2×4’s and plywood. Where homes get their structural soundness is from the concrete foundation that the home is built on.


Why Do Foundations Fail? 

Usually, the problem is not with the actual foundation. The problem is instead with the soil beneath the foundation. What happens over time, is soil shifts and moves due to freezing and thawing and water saturation, among other factors. When the soil under the foundation moves, the foundation then develops cracks because it has nothing to rest upon. Once the foundation starts to fail, it affects the rest of your home.


What Happens If You Wait?

 Unlike a broken washing machine which won’t get more broken over time, a compromised foundation WILL get more broken over time. Once a foundation has failed, it will not self correct, and the problem will only get worse as time goes on.

Foundation failure leads to more problems.

When your foundation is compromised, it leads to other problems, because everything in your home relies on a solid foundation. There are a seven reasons we suggest acting as soon as possible:


  1. Escalating Repair Costs — Unlike a broken washing machine (which will not get more broken over time) your foundation failure will get more broken over time. This can make an inexpensive repair turn into a hugely expensive project. That’s why we strongly recommend getting your foundation looked at ASAP, so you can tackle any issues while they may still be minor.
  2. Spreading Damage — Foundations are (pardon the pun) foundational. Your foundation was set up to carry the load of your house. If it’s failing, it can cause a domino effect causing stress on areas of the house that weren’t designed to withstand that kind of strain. Damage often spreads to walls, floors, ceilings, wooden cross beams, upstairs walls, doors, window frames, and attached garages. Don’t let a minor problem become a major one.
  3. Plumbing — A shifting foundation can cause plumbing issues, as many of the pipes run under the house. This can lead to water pipes breaking, causing more damage and expensive repairs.
  4. Mold — Mold and mildew have the ability to further damage your foundation. In addition, spores may be released and cause your family to cough, sneeze, and feel sick.
  5. Insects — Insects like to be in damp and humid environments, such as your basement or crawlspace. Cracks in your foundation will make it easier for them to do this, and can add exterminator costs to your foundation repair costs.
  6. Utility Bills — Cracks in your walls, uneven doorways, and sloping floors can make a home expensive to heat and cool, because foundation damage makes home efficiency impossible.
  7. Selling Your Home / Reduced Property Value —A failing foundation will likely negatively affect your property’s value and create challenges during a future sale of your home.

If You Think Your Foundation Is Failing 

 We perform totally free assessments to anyone in Northwest Washington State. If you think your foundation may be failing, we can come out and perform our evaluation. Afterwards, you’ll know exactly what you’re dealing with and have a plan to fix it, if that’s the direction you decide to go. We want to arm you with information, so you can be prepared.


Make an informed choice. Schedule your free assessment today.

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